Capturing new products based on the innovative science of L-tryptophan - an amino acid essential for human health

When the initial meetings to set up Requis Pharma were held in 2011, the founding team decided on the following Vision and principles 

We aim to focus on these principles and will Strive to exemplify ethical conduct in our everyday Business

At Requis Pharmaceuticals Inc., our vision is to build an innovative and financially stable health and life sciences company, making a distinctive contribution to the health and well-being of people around the world.  We do this by providing our customers, who may be patients, Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology companies, Research Institutes and other industry clients - with innovative products and pioneering research approaches targeting the prevention and treatment of disease and other health issues.

Making money is not the sole goal of the company, but a vital way in which we measure our success and progress. Our reputation is established on honesty, scientific integrity and competence.  We are guided by our core values.  Activities motivated by principles which conflict with these values will be avoided.

Our Ten Core Values

Our collective efforts are focused on providing value to our customers, clients and investors.

Our products, technologies and procedures must be of the highest possible quality to assure integrity in our own and our customers’


We expect continuous innovation and quality, not being happy with second best, in the context of a true entrepreneurial spirit.

Integrity, honesty and the highest standard of ethics drive daily activities, with all staff and associated consultants being reliable and accountable in word and behavior.  We do not seek to cause conflict, but neither do we avoid it; the aim is to achieve positive outcomes.
Employees, associated consultants and the products/technologies they devise are our most important assets.

Corporate Responsibility: As a responsible corporate citizen, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations in each country where we do business.  We will use the law to defend and protect the company’s intellectual property robustly.  We treat the environment with care and appreciation.

Respect for the individual, teamwork and empowerment drive our performance.  Genuine concern and respect for others; treating people as individuals, with understanding and appreciation in an atmosphere of openness and honesty.

Mutual trust: having confidence enough to rely on others and to be open to new and different people and ideas; this embodies
open and honest discussions and a willingness to collaborate with others – making sure we do what we promise to do.

Commitment to excellence: aiming to reach our full potential as a company and as individuals, doing the right things the right way.   

Requis Pharmaceuticals Inc. abhors all forms of discrimination, and will participate in any Affirmative Action Program to ensure complete fairness in the workplace and in dealings with clients and projects wherever they originate.

​The values outlined above are an integral part of all performance evaluations within the company.