Capturing new products based on the innovative science of L-tryptophan - an amino acid essential for human health

Requis Pharma's Approach to Biotech REsearch & Development

Unique and POTENTIALLY HIGHLY Productive

Requis Pharmaceuticals is a new product development company located in West Chester, PA, progressing its assets on a “virtual company” model, and executing a strategy for which the founders, Lars and Judi Knutsen, laid the groundwork over 4 years. The initial strategy for this innovative Biotech is creation of several reduced-risk, patented product candidates for near-term revenue generation. The founders and co-founders of the business, who make up the Management Team are visionary and experienced entrepreneurs with solid Biotech experience.

The company's product candidates have an excellent scientific foundation, being based on the new science of L-tryptophan, the serotonin presursor. Requisom is a combination of a lowered dose of the sedating antihistamine, doxylamine, along with nutraceuticals tryptophan and melatonin. Tryptophan converts to serotonin or 5-HT, a universal feel-good neurotransmitter, in the CNS. Requisom, Cirrus and future products will be supported, when appropriate, by controlled clinical trials. The objective is to provide future marketing partners with products having a sustainable competitive advantage and differentiation from market competitors. There is currently no marketed drug for treatment of the sleep-related breathing disorder we know as OSA, a serious, chronic condition.  .

By early commercialization and out-licensing of Requis Pharma’s first consumer product, Cirrus, a beverage for the relief of Jet-Lag and Shift-Work Disorder, then targeting Requisom, our first Pharma product for rapid US market entry as a de-risked prescription OSA treatment, Requis is addressing a major issue in start-ups, namely near-term revenue generation.  Re-purposing  is a key aspect of this strategy. Many emerging Biotechnology firms provide a subliminal message in their business presentations, that can be paraphrased as "given a fair wind, you may just get your return on investment in 8-10 years' time".  Requis Pharma's product-focused business plan projects the company to be profitable in year 4 from initial funding, by initially targeting Requisom and Cirrus for early cash generation.

In recent discussions with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), guidance was provided that Requisom should be a prescription drug. However, it is de-risked, because the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), the components that make up this drug are very familiar and have been through toxicology. The company’s objective is to provide Pharma marketing partners with patented product candidates that have a sustainable competitive advantage and a clear differentiation from competing products.  Requisom is destined to be Rx in Europe, given the regulatory status of melatonin there.  

A new business plan is currently being devised following FDA discussions. An initial raise of seed capital will provide in vivo proof of concept in a model of OSA, expansion of the patent portfolio and tableting studies ahead of Phase I clinical trials.  All investor approaches will need to proceed via the company's advisers; these foregoing statements do not constitute an offer for the sale of securities.